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Bláskógabyggð, Iceland

“After we switched to Travia in 2020 — travel agencies were able to book directly through the system and we didnt have to continuously email back and forth. ”

Kristín Ingunn Haraldsdóttir, HOTEL MANAGER

Here at Efstidalur, we run a small family business. We run a guesthouse containing 15 units. We started working with GODO in 2015 which immediately streamlined our work in the reception. At that point, online bookings started flowing directly into our system. It simplifies everything right away even though travel agencies were still booking through email but that changed dramatically after we connected to Travia in 2020 — then travel agencies were able to book directly through the system and we don’t need to continuously email back and forth.

The service level at GODO is really good. We can always call them and ask for help, they reply to emails quickly and are always ready to assist us.

The process of onboarding GODO’s solutions was easy and the system itself is simple to use. It also doesn’t hurt that GODO’s staff is always available to help if any technical issues arise.

GODO Property has streamlined a lot for us. In it, we have all relevant information about each booking that flows automatically in.
We can connect it to our accounting software, it sends out invoices for us, just simplifies our life a lot. The manual part behind every booking has almost vanished. That allows us more time to take care of the details of our business and to focus on our guests which is the most important part.

Travia has also revolutionized our work. Not having to answer each booking from travel agencies but having them go directly into our system matters a lot. Our reception can be crowded. We’re welcoming guests to our restaurant and café, people are checking in and we’re answering emails at the same time. This is where mistakes can occur if you have to stop in the middle of an email to take care of something and Travia prevents that. Now we don’t have to worry about the bookings as they flow automatically into our system.
No hassle anymore.

The newest solution we’re using from GODO is Pronto which is a system we use for housekeeping as well as maintenance and the staff just have an app on their phones.
It makes everything so much simpler, more efficient, and fun. Now we never have to print out cleaning lists for our staff and we don’t have any misunderstandings. The employee has a complete overview of what needs to be done in every room directly on his phone.

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