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Hótel Óðinsvé

Reykjavík, Iceland

“So we're using GODO as the Hotel System, We're using Travia to handle the travel agencies and we have Pronto set up for the maids ”


We started working with GODO early in 2021. Before GODO we used another Icelandic system for a short time but before that we were in business with a danish company, a hotel-chain, for 9 years. That could prove difficult if we had to reach them, but now with GODO that’s no problem. It’s just one phone call or email and we have everything in the same system.

Regarding the hotel system, the arrivals tab is especially good and there we have expected check-ins for the next week, we see new bookings on one screen, check-ins, check-outs, in-house guests. Then it’s the calendar tab, there you’ve got an overview of your whole property. You can look at weeks, months, zoom in. You can drag and drop which is amazing to move between rooms.

Their group system, billing is really good. You can create a new booking, add to a group if you need to and then it’s just one click — charge group which is amazing.

We’re also using the Pronto system, which is designed for our maids. They all have it on their phones and we have

it on our computers. We check someone out, and the room appears as dirty in
the system and we see who is responsible for it. Before this, we needed to call down every room so this saves time for everyone not to have to call down to reception, no-one has to take the phone.

“Their group billing system is really good. You can create a new booking, add to a group if you need to and then it’s just one click — charge group which is amazing. ”


This is also about our employees having the exact same work methods and GODO helps us coordinate how we do our work and then everything works better, when we work in unison.

We also use Travia, which is for the travel agencies. Before Travia, every agency had to send us an email, do you have this available and you needed to enter everything manually into the computer. Now, travel agencies use Travia, they just log into Travia and see, is Óðinsvé available and what the price is. Book it. Everything then flows into 
my system through one email and I don’t need to do anything. Everything is automated.

GODO also handles our website which then naturally connects to our system and reduces the computer work for me, or those using the system.

So we’re using GODO, the Hotel System. We’re using Travia which helps us handle the travel agencies, we have Pronto set up for us and the maids together and we have our website at GODO and yeah, we also use GODO’s price management system which is great.

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