Customer Stories

Magma Hotels

Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Iceland

“It’s amazing how user-friendly TRAVIA is.”


Magma Hotel is a small and intimate hotel located in one of the most beautiful regions of south Iceland. It opened in 2017 and started with 12 rooms down by the lake but In 2020 expanded from 12 to 25 rooms.

Being a small hotel it makes all the difference to work with a reliable program that just works so you dont have to sit in front of the computer all day long trying to figure things out. Thats why we started using Travia.

A huge benefit to these systems is that it’s so easy to train employees to use them. When a trained employee shows up for a shift, they can just sit for 10 seconds and scan the schedule for the day and get 90% of the information they need and start assisting here and there.

It’s very easy to add on services as well, if there was a dinner or something that wasn’t a part of the original booking, 
it’s so easy to add it to the invoice.

“The system is a huge timesaver. My favourite thing is that everything is customizable and you can set up the system to your needs to make the workflow even faster”


There is also a very fun feature in there as well – to find new clients.

The travel agencies can find us in the marketplace in Travia and we can find them.

The only thing needed is to send a request and save the company registration number and we’re in business together – it’s just so simple.

We can communicate to them as well, whether it’s to a single agency or to write to them all at the same time.

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