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The Freezer

Rif, Iceland

“We see everything through the GODO Property, every room, the state of it, when the guests arrive, leave or any special notes.”


Hotel Aldan is a house hotel, which means there are different locations, so not all the rooms are situated in one building, but spread all over the town.

Its 23 rooms in total, there are two restaurants, Hotel Restaurant Aldan and then the very popular sushi bar called Norð Austur.

Today the software of choice is Godo and Travia, before that it was just classic oldschool handwrite booking.

When everything was Handwritten or emailed before it happened that things got lost in the system and overbookings happened a lot but now its much less and the new system helped a lot.

It was important to use a system that allows easy, customizable usage with special features included. The daily procedure starts with checkout, then we mark all the rooms departed in the GODO system, which also means our housekeeping can see which rooms are ready to clean. When they are finished cleaning, they mark it and we can get new guests in.

Basically we check everything through the GODO Property system which means all the messages also go through the application. It’s really helpful since we now 
have the restaurant bookings connected too, so when people come in, without us even telling them, a lot of times they already booked a table, which is really nice and useful.

With all the buildings and different rooms we have sometimes groups coming in which is very nice since theres this feature called “group booking”, which allows us to choose to either have just one room which is the master and with this master we dont have to do the check-in procedure with every single room, we just do it with one. So we can either split all the payments, or do the payment for the entire booking for this master room, which is really nice, cause it saves time for us, saves time for our customers.

Especially with the three different locations in our case its much nicer to see it being structured building by building, room by room and also selected category by category. So we have doubles and triples and quadruplets Apartments and it’s super useful to see all the notes, rooms, times and guests organised.

For everyone it’s actually very easy.

“It’s very easy in use. Of course in the beginning it takes some times, cause there are a lot of options with columns and colours but once you get in there it’s very easy.”


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