Client Stories

“The process of onboarding GODO’s solutions was easy and the system itself is simple to use. It also doesn’t hurt that GODO’s staff is always available to help if any technical issues arise.”

Trusted by over 1400+ properties and here are a few stories

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Efstidalur Farm Cottages

Blaskogabyggð, Iceland

Here at Efstidalur, we run a small family business. We’re four families that run it together. We have a long farming tradition which we build on. We use our produce, both in our restaurant and at our café. We also use produce from our neighbors. Here we run a cow farm, guesthouse, restaurant, and a café where we sell our homemade ice cream.

We run a guesthouse containing 15 units. Right now we’re sitting in the old barn where you can watch the cows and the farmer at work.

We started working with GODO in 2015 which immediately streamlined our work in the reception. At that point, online bookings started flowing directly into our system. It simplifies everything right away even though travel agencies were still booking through email but that changed dramatically after we connected to Travia in 2020 — then travel agencies were able to book directly through the system and we don’t need to continuously email back and forth. 


The service level at GODO is really good. We can always call them and ask for help, they reply to emails quickly and are always ready to assist us.

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Hótel Óðinsvé

Reykjavik, Iceland

We have 50 rooms here and are spread through five buildings which have been opened up and combined in a U-shape.


We also have 10 apartments spread over two nearby locations. One is just across the street at Týsgata 8 and the other one at Skólavörðustígur 7 but there we have big, luxury family apartments.

We started working with GODO early in 2021. Before GODO we used another Icelandic system for a short time but before that we were in business with a danish company, a hotel-chain, for 9 years. That could prove difficult if we had to reach them, but now with GODO that’s no problem. It’s just one phone call or email and we have everything in the same system.