Travel Solutions

GODO Travia

Marketplace for hotels and travel agencies

Eliminate old procedures
with tech!

Travel agencies and hotel can now do business same way as travelers who book directly through sales channels online.

This arrangement saves time and increases sales for both travel agencies and hotels.

Connecting travel agencies
with hotels

It has never been as easy for travel agencies to book with as many hotels and guesthouses in one place as it is with Travia.

The system’s growing list of hotels and guesthouses connects over 300 travel agencies to directly book accommodation through Travia – a time saver for all involved.


Travia saves both time and costs for users of the system. Hotels no longer have to enter bookings manually from travel agencies, instead they receive them automatically and directly into their booking system.

Travel agencies no longer have to wait for answers on bookings from the hotels, but complete confirmed transactions as soon as the request is received by the hotels.

Easy to use

There is no setup fee in Travia and it is very easy to start selling your service in the system.

It takes less than 45 minutes to set up an accommodation and start a partnership with the travel agencies you want to do business with.